CAR-SIGNER® – Design vehicles online

What can CAR-SIGNER do compared to CorelDRAW?

CAR-SIGNER® is an ideal tool for creating quick, simple layouts. It is a supplement to professional vector programmes such as CorelDRAW or Adobe Illustrator, but not a replacement. For example, you can easily change the paint colour, place, scale and rotate motifs as you like, write and place texts. But you cannot edit the placed motifs, the font selection is also limited.

Select vehicle

Simply select the manufacturer and model. Use the filters "Shape", "Doors", "Rear" and "Year of manufacture from" to focus the displayed result.
Vehicles available for CAR-3D are displayed with the "+3D" icon.

Click on the desired vehicle to select it for the design in CAR-SIGNER®.

Attention: If a vehicle has already been designed before, you will get a hint to save it first.

CAR-SIGNER Fahrzeug auswählen

Selecting a vehicle - what is the quickest way?

First open the CAR-SPECIAL Serch and search for your desired vehicle. Click on "open in CAR-SIGNER" next to the image.

Can I plot the designs directly?

No, they are simple layouts. Download your designs as PDF files to recreate them in your vector or plotter program. All motifs used are listed together with their file names.

Select lacquer colour or foil

Determine the paint colour of the vehicle by simply clicking on a colour field. In the "Colour selection" and "Colour value" sections you also have concrete input options via a colour picker or RGB, hexa or HSB colours.

CAR-SIGNER Fahrzeug Lackfarbe wählen

As an alternative to the paint colour, you can select full foiling. Many different colours and structures are available here. Here, too, the selection can be focused via filters.

CAR-SIGNER Fahrzeug Vollfolierung wählen

Search for design elements and motifs

a) In "Search motifs" you will find ready-made illustrations and photos for your vehicle design.

CAR-SIGNER fertige Motive suchen

b) In "Decorative elements" you will find decorative elements in various categories that you can colour yourself.

CAR-SIGNER Dekoelemente wählen

A click on the motif inserts it into your vehicle design. A click on the "paper clip" symbol adds the motif to your watch list.

Designing with text

"Insert text" creates a new text element. Simply enter the desired text content (in the field below the vehicle image), select the font and possibly the font height.

CAR-SIGNER Text einfügen

Change design elements (illustrations, photos, decorations, texts)

Rotate the element by clicking and dragging on the "Rotation" symbol on the right of the element.
Scale proportionally by clicking and dragging on the corner points.
Scale non-proportionally by clicking and dragging on the side surface points.
Mirror horizontally or vertically using the two buttons above the element.
Colour (only possible for decorative elements and text) by clicking on the "brush" symbol on the left of the element. You can move over or under other elements by using the "Layers" buttons under the element.

CAR-SIGNER Elemente verändern

The watch list

The watch list shows all motifs that you use in your current designs or that you have added to the watch list by clicking on the "bracket" symbol.
Clicking on the motif inserts it into your vehicle design. Clicking on the "trash can" symbol removes it from the watch list.

CAR-SIGNER Merkliste

Transfer design to the other side

You have finished designing one side view. To transfer this to the other side of the vehicle, click on "Transfer design" (at the bottom of CAR-SIGNER). All elements are transferred to the other side, mirrored and positioned exactly as on the manually designed side.

CAR-SIGNER Design auf die andere Seite übernehmen

To save your design

With a simple click on "Save" you can save your design under the name of your choice.

CAR-SIGNER Entwürfe speichern

All previously saved drafts can be found in the menu under "Profile & Drafts". Here you can access a previous draft and continue working on it. You can save a maximum of 10 drafts.

CAR-SIGNER Entwürfe verwalten

3D view

You can also view your finished vehicle in 3D. Simply click on the 3D symbol at the bottom right. The 3D view is prepared and another dialogue window appears after completion. Now click on "Open 3D view".
Now a new TAB or a new window will open (depending on your browser settings). Please be patient now, your vehicle will be processed live and then displayed as a 3D model.

In the 3D module you can rotate and turn the vehicle with the mouse. You can easily add background motifs via the menu.

CAR-SIGNER 3D Ansicht generieren

CAR-SIGNER fertige 3D Präsentation

Request your vehicle design

You can request your finished vehicle design directly. Simply click on "Request design" and fill out the following form. You will also receive your design as a PDF by e-mail.

CAR-SIGNER PDF downloaden