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Search with Keywords

Search with blank (Ex: Sport Icon)
Search result: Sport icons, both keywords have been assigned to the images

Search with minus symbol (Ex: Child -Comic)
Search result: Children, but not in comic style. The Keyword “Comic” has been excluded

Search with star symbol (Ex: Car*)
Search result: Images that start with the Keyword “Car” (Cars, Carpet, …)

Search by phrases with quotation marks (Ex: „United Nations“)

The different search methods can be combined

Create lightbox

Where: Tab “my lightboxes”
How: Click on “create new lightbox“

Arrange lightboxes

Where: Tab “my lightboxes”
How: Click on a lightbox and pull it up or down.

Store images in lightboxes

Where: Tab “my lightboxes”
How: Drag an image to a lightbox.
The lightbox has to be open (click on Triangle).

Send lightbox to customers or colleagues

Where: Tab “my lightboxes“ > gear icon or button “lightbox …“ in an open lightbox
How: Click on “send as web link”. It automatically creates an e-mail with a web link connected to your lightbox.
The recipient of this e-mail can rate images as green or red and mail it back to you with a click.
You receive automatically a message via e-mail and can see now the marked images in the lightbox.

Green rating Red rating

Delete images from a lightbox

Where: Tab “my lightboxes”
How: click on an image and drag it out of the lightbox.

Highlight single images in a lightbox

Where: open lightbox
How: click on the red or green dot of the required images

How to download several images at the same time …

… and move them to a lightbox or delete them from a lightbox:
Where: Tab “Search result” or tab “lightbox“
How: click on the checkmark of the required images and click afterwards the button “marked images"

Topic suggestions

Where: Tab “Suggested Topics”
Topics are preselected image collections assorted for your inspiration.
You can adopt these collections with a click in a new lightbox: Click on “Topic …”

Upload your own logo

click at "Settings" on the green button "Upload logo" and choose the logo file on your computer.
The uploaded logo will appear at the top on the right hand side. It will appear as well in sended links and downloaded PDF files.

Start Butterfly-Cloud with one click


How to: Copy the application 'Butterfly-Cloud' to your computer.
Suggestion: Copy to program folder, add it to your task bar then.
Download the application here:

Download for Windows
Download for Mac

The uploaded logo appears right at the top, as well in sent links and downloaded PDF.
Formats: JPEG, TIFF, PNG or GIF (PNG with transparencies is suggested)

Logo upload

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