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Search with blank (Ex: sport winter)
Search result: motifs with the keywords "sport" AND "winter".

Exclude keywords
Search with minus symbol (EX: euro -coin)
Search result: motifs of Euro notes, without coins. The keyword "coin" has been excluded

Keyword starts with ...
Search with star symbol (Ex: car*)
Search result: Images that start with the Keyword “Car” (Cars, Carpet, …)

Tip: The different search methods can be combined

Store images in lightboxes

Where: Tab “my lightboxes” (right hand side)
How: Drag and drop an image on the ligthbox.
The lightbox needs to be open (click on the triangle beneath the lightbox name).

Create lightbox

Where: Tab “my lightboxes”
How: Click on “create new lightbox“

Sort Watchlists

Where: "Watchlist" tab (right-hand side)
How: Click on a Watchlist, move it up or down.

Send motif suggestions to customers or colleagues

Where: Open Watchlist > "Watchlist ..." button or "Watchlist" tab > cogwheel icon
How: Create a Watchlist. Click on "Send as link". A new email with a link to your Watchlist will be created automatically.
The recipient of this e-mail can now mark motifs with green or red dots and send them back to you by clicking on them.
You will then automatically receive an e-mail notification. Open the previously sent lightbox in your ccPhotoCloud to see the marked images.
In the example shown, you can see what the sent selection of motifs looks like for the recipient (your logo and company name are shown instead of the placeholders).

Delete motifs from a Watchlist

Where: "Watchlist" tab
How: Click on a motif and drag it from the Watchlist.

Highlight individual motifs in a Watchlist

Where: Open Watchlist
How: Click on the red or green dot next to the desired motifs.

Note: Images can only be marked in Watchlists, not under the "Search result" tab, as search results are not saved.

Several motifs at the same time ...

... download, or add to a Watchlist, or delete from a Watchlist:
Where: "Search result" tab or "Watchlist" tab
How: Click on the symbol with the tick at the top right of the desired motifs, then on the "Marked motifs ..." button

Suggested topics, inspiration

Where: "Topics" tab
How: Scroll through the themes. Click on a theme to see its motifs.
Themes are editorially compiled collections of motifs for your inspiration. You can find other motifs that match the themes using the keyword search.
Tip: You can adopt these motif collections as a new lightbox with just one click: Click on "Theme ..."