CAR-SIGNER - Disegno di veicoli online

CAR-SIGNER® - Design your vehicles Online

Individual lettering or tuning of adhesive films – with CAR-SIGNER® you will get your favourite design very quickly.
Chose brand new models for company cars or the lettering of fleets. Use the variety of illustrations/pictograms and photos, upload customer logos and fill in your own texts in different fonts.
Tune the vehicles with the latest adhesive films. Chose in very quick time fashionable colours like matt, shining, metallic, metallic-matt, brushed, carbon… Create single vehicle parts like the bonnet, roof, outside mirror or bumper. Complete your design with different racing-stripes.

Individual designs of vehicles in highest perfection!
A quickly made presentation in highest perfection!

CAR-SIGNER® - Individual design

Perfect for company cars, lettering of fleets and individual design of vehicles.
- Select brand new CAR-SPECIAL models from your CAR-SIGNER®
- Fix the gloss paint
- Fullwrapping of adhesive films with 3M, Orafol, MacTac, Grafityp, Isee2, Ritrama
- Including the use of plottable cc-Butterfly illustrations and vector graphics
- Including the use of all plottable cc-pictogramms 
- Including the use of all creativ collection premium photos
- It‘s easy to upload and place your own photos and customer logos
- Permanent update of new models, vector graphics and photos

CAR-SIGNER® - Tuning by vinyl

Stylish effects for all car lovers, tuning fans and individualists
- The vehicle examples are represented three-dimensional
- Fix the gloss paint
- Selection of more than 500 adhesive films with different colours and structures
- Huge selection of adhesive films with 3M, Orafol, MacTac, Grafityp, Isee2, Ritrama
- Including fullwrapping in your favourite styles
- Including the adhesive films for bonnet, roof, outside mirror, bumper
- Selection of different racing-stripes

CAR-SIGNER® for your own website – a real draw for costumers

You want more costumers? Use your website. Offer your customers the possibility to create their own vehicle. With the individualized CAR-SIGNER®, you can easily win new contracts.

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