DVD courses on car letterings, full wrappings and car window foils

DVD-course on car letterings and full wrappings

Manfred Hunold, the wrapping pro from Munich, shows you how to do it, what materials you should use, what tools , the whole step-by-step process. You will learn what exactly you have to consider and do when wrapping  a car in full and get great tips, also on how to work on difficult parts like side mirrors, bumpers etc.

Just about everything: from conception, data structuring and foil stamping to material-preparation and finally to the adhesive techniques.
In 70 minutes you will know the most useful tips: where to pay special attention when completely re-designing a vehicle through car-stickers. The especially difficult parts of a vehicle will be described in detail in the Bonus-Info section of the DVD.

The explanations in the film are available in the following languages: German, English (GB+USA), French, Italian, Spanish and Russian.
Here you have an extract from the main film.
Here you have an extract from the Bonus-Info section.

DVD-course on car window foils

You will be shown the conception, tools and various adhesive techniques to completion. All the windows of the vehicles will have foils being affixed to them: rear window, rear side window, rear triangular window, drop or wind-up windows. The bonus track shows you the new affixing techniques for the front side windows.